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Some Extents of Daily Routines and Dietary by Ayurveda

Ayurveda treatment in Kerala doesn't believe or depend upon any medicines and drugs that consider healing the symptoms only. Although often neglect to heal the sickness to its root.


Ayurveda treatment concerns priority to prevent the disease. In detail, Ayurveda treatment methods and remedies are not only for curing the symptoms. It heals the sickness to its roots. It considers treating the illness to its motives.


Some Trivial Tips to Pursue Healthy Life


● Absorb water when you arise to every daylight. The modest volume is to 3 glasses of water every daybreak. Try it for the ensuing several days and later consolidate this habit to your daily routine and regimen. I need not say more about the benefits of drinking more further water in everyday life.


● Never drink water while eating. Wait 2 hours after feeding. Likewise, drink water at least 40 minutes before eating.


● If you drink milk, do it only at night. Be careful not to consume milk or dairy products during the daytime.


● Similarly, consume fruits or fruit juices in the daytime.


● Never consume fruits with dairy products except for fully ripened banana and amla.


● The last and foremost point is always to get a night of proper hours of sleep. Sleep and wake up at the right time.

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