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Salubrious Foods to Eat every day in Virtue of Ayurveda


Fundamentally, this is not an ask to 'abruptly answer' query or question. Anything, that is natural, salutary and healthy at all are edible or potable following Ayurveda treatment in Kerala.

Another fundamental point about food consumption is that,  whatever the edible foodstuff it is to be, has to be consumed in it's purest state. With the healthiest form and healthiest proportion.

At the bottom, If you enumerate foodstuffs in an orderly fashion, on the footing of the positive repercussions of the positive benefits they provide for the body. If then, fruits, salads, and vegetables would top that list. Besides junk foods will be at the very bottom or out of the game.

Before all of this, we should've outlined another point. As mentioned in Ayurveda treatment, the best food for good health for a person should be decided based on the determinants of health. Even people breathing under the same roof are of different body types.

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