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ayurveda treatment for obesity kerala

Ayurvedic Treatment Regimen for Obesity

Treatment regimens for obesity are one of the common questions asked in our times. Due to our modern lifestyles, eating habits everybody is concerned about either losing weight or gaining weight. students, working professionals, aged folks and people from every walks of life are, all are equally concerned about their weight and health issues.


What is Obesity as Said by Ayurveda?


Obesity is the outcome of excessive fat accumulation in the body due to imbalanced diets, unhealthy habits, mental and physical stress, genetic problems, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle choices, etc.


Obesity is known as 'Medorog' in Ayurveda ( Medha-fat rog-disease). As per Ayurveda, the human body gaining vitamins from two doshas ( Vata and Kapha ) are the main causes of obesity.


1) Vata - It regulates the flow and motion in the body.
2) Kapha - it provides the nourishment and lubrication for the body.


The 'Medha' fat rest after the need in the body interferes with the metabolism process and increases the digestive fire which causes the person to eat more and it all goes in a circle again and again. The excess Medhas ( fat ) also interrupts the free movement of fluid and contaminates the doshas 'Vata' and 'Kapha'.


Ayurveda Treatment for Obesity


Ayurvedic treatment for Obesity or Medorog begins with the persuasion of the doshas followed by the cleansing of the fat channels.


The following are the varieties of Ayurvedic treatment methods for obesity.


• Abhyanga- a well-organized herbal steam bath and oil massage aids to aggregate the accumulated fat. It is also recommended for overall strength and well-being


•Yoga- Yoga has multiple benefits for your overall health, it encourages both physical and mental health. Some of the yoga poses or asanas are found to be very useful for losing fat if undertaken while the treatment process.


• Udhvartana- deep massage with powders composed of minerals and herbal pastes.


• Panchakarma- Panchakarma is the body healing therapy of Ayurveda. Panchakarma treatment for weight loss is to be done by knowing the individual’s body nature. Better visit an Ayurvedic physician who can guide you with the panchakarma treatment as per your conditions. Check more benefits of Panchakarma


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• Medicines made of specific herbs that have properties that are very useful to burn fat. A strict vegetarian diet system has to be followed while the treatment.

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